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The price for reusage of a cartoon or illustration depends on a lot of factors: will the content be used in an editorial context, a commercial one or in a non-profit publication? How large is your circulation? Online or print usage? Etc.
That is why we don't work with a fixed price per usage, we aim to tailor­our prices to fit your needs. You just fill your basket with the cartoons and illustrations of your choice. You send us this wishlist and we send you a non-binding offer.­


All content is delivered print- or webready, so there is no hassle on the technical side.­We can deliver in almost any pixelbased format. Vectorbased content upon request and availability.


Of course you don't have to choose for reusage of our content, we also offer a broad range of possibilities when it comes to making custom made cartoons, illustrations and animations to fit your needs.
Can't find what you need? Just contact us for a tailor-made non-binding offer.­